I am interested in the foundations and applications of quantum mechanics. I use quantum optics and quantum information theory to design and characterize new protocols for cryptography, random number generation, precision measurements, and sub-diffraction imaging.

Research ethos

My research is powered by physical intuition and mathematical rigor. My goal is to drive change across the research community and the broader society. To achieve this, I work in close collaboration with experimental physicists and engineers.

About Me

My journey started in South Europe. The postdoc life gave me an opportunity to travel, from Bratislava and Camerino to MIT. Between 2015 and 2021 you would have found me around North England: first at the University of York and then the University of Sheffield. I am now associate professor of theoretical physics at the Technical University of Bari (Politecnico di Bari) in Italy.



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Dipartimento interateneo di Fisica
Via Giovanni Amendola 173, Bari, 70125

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